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10 Useful Tips To Move Antique Items via Packers and Movers in Patna

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Packing and moving the antique items of your home calls for careful planning on your part. These items come into the category of fragile items and need to be handled with great care. However, most of you do not know the right way to pack and move these items safely from your existing home to your desired destination. They move it alone and do not take care of them during the move. Even if they move it to their destination through packers and movers in Patna, they require a lot of handling tips to get them delivered to their new home without any damage. 

Create Inventory

Creating an inventory of your antique items is undoubtedly the first step to moving them securely to your destination.  In your inventory list, you must add each antique item that you will have in your home. Just go through each antique item of your house to check which ones are suitable to move. Now, make sure to prepare a list of these items and carry it with you throughout your entire relocation process. 

Clean Your Antique Items

Before packing your antique items, it is best to clean your antique items. You should take out spare time to give it to the cleaning process of these items. As these items are old, so they require a proper cleaning before getting transported to your destination. Make sure to clean the back side of a particular item and the areas that are hard to clean. Once your antique items are clean, you will feel good to take them to your new house.

Gather Quality Materials 

How to pack antique items to protect them during the move? Well, for that purpose, you need to amass the best quality packing materials that will be perfect for packing these items. You can find a plethora of supplies to pack and move your antique items without any damage. If you are moving glassware and Bone China goods, you can use unprinted tissue paper to pack them. This will protect these items during their transportation process. Other supplies that you can use to pack your antique items include foam sheets, bubble wrap, furniture pads, moving blankets, packing tape, microfiber cloth, plastic wrap, etc. 


If you have any antique item which is too large to move, then it’s best to disassemble it before its transportation.  Transporting large antique items is not a judicious step from your end. So, if it is possible, disassemble these articles before transporting them. It would be much easier to move them after disassembling them. If any item can’t be disassembled then take good care of it during the move. 

Protect their Corners

Make sure to protect the corners of your antique items during their transportation process. Even if you are moving them with the best packers and movers in Patna, you should handle these items carefully from their end. The corners of these items usually get damaged during the move. So, you should provide an additional layer of protection to your antique articles before transporting them to their desired destination. It’s best to use corner protectors to protect the corners of your items. These items are available in cardboard, Styrofoam, and plastic. 

Add Materials for Cushioning Purposes

Apart from using the right packing materials, you can also use cushioning materials while packing your antique items in the boxes. These materials provide an additional layer of protection to your antique items thereby providing complete safety to them. You can also use bubble wrap which is the perfect cushioning material for your articles. This material is lightweight, so, it is the best material to use while transporting your antique items to your desired destination. 

Ask for Help 

If you haven’t booked the packers and movers in Patna for moving your antique items, then it’s best to get the help of your friends for a safe move. They will be always ready to provide every kind of help to you during your transportation process. Well, you need extra manpower for packing and moving your antiques perfectly for the transportation process. Some antique items are too heavy to move. So, you need help to load them safely into your moving truck. Hence, make sure to get the best assistance from your friends regarding moving your antique articles to your home. You can also get assistance from your family members. They will be also delighted to move your antique goods to your destination as per your requirements. 

Choose the Enclosed Carriers

Another best tip to move your antique belongings is to choose enclosed carriers for transporting them without any kind of damage. This will save them from any kind of damage due to any collision during the move. The enclosed carriers are perfect for moving these items as they are closed from each side. Hence, you should always choose enclosed moving trucks while shifting your antique items safely to the other destination. 

Get Moving Insurance

You can also get moving insurance from your mover. You can either go for transit insurance or all-inclusive insurance before moving your antique items. This will help you get suitable compensation if these items get damaged during the moving process. 

Hire Packers and Movers

The best way to move your antique items safely is by hiring packers and movers in Patna for this purpose. They have years of experience in moving these antique items from your source to your destination. So, they can easily ship these items to your destination without any kind of wear and tear. It is somewhat costly to ship your antique items to your destination but they possess the modern packing and moving supplies to move these articles without any single damage. 

Apart from that, these officials also use the most innovative packing and moving strategies to provide you with an affordable and safe move from their end. They discuss your move with you and organize it in the best possible manner. 

Over to You

You can easily shift your antique goods without any problem with the help of the above-mentioned tips. However, if you want to get a zero-damage delivery of these articles, you must contact the IBA-approved packers and movers in Patna straightaway.

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